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Esko Nuutilainen Memorial Team Tournament Final & George Pyrich Semi-Final

Russell Sherwood  Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Early days in this events but out initial standings are positive

Esko Nuutilainen Memorial Team Tournament Final

Here we have one result to date and in fact of the 20 games finished so far, only 1 has been decisive!

George D. Pyrich Memorial Team Tournament SF1

Another cagy event, with Slovakia taking an early lead in terms of wins

Netherlands versus Rest of Europe

Russell Sherwood  Wednesday, September 4, 2019

A friendly match Netherlands versus Rest of Europe  is being arranged

ICCF Zone 1 and De Nederlandse Bond van Correspondentieschakers are delighted to announce that a friendly match Netherlands versus Rest of Europe will be organized in November, 2019.

1. The match will be played on ICCF webserver, ICCF Playing Rules will apply. Time control is 10 moves in 50 days with duplication after 20 days.

2. Number of boards is expected 50 to 60.

3. Any Zone 1 (Europa) National Federation (except for Netherlands) may nominate up to 3 players for the Rest of Europe Team . Any Welsh player wishing to take part should contact Russell Sherwood by 22nd September

4. Each player will play two games (one with White, one with Black) against her/his

opponent on her/his board.

5. Start date is November 1, 2019.

6. Team Captains are CCE Jan Bart Daatselaar (Netherlands) and GM Artis Gaujens (Rest of Europe). Tournament Director is CCM        Razumikhin, Andrey Mikhailovich (Russia).

7. Order of boards will be set in concordance with ICCF ratings being taken from

up-to-date rating list (i.e. 2019/4).

EurozoneFriendly Match

Advice from WCCF regarding new ICCF rules

Austin Lockwood  Thursday, August 29, 2019

The attached advice was distributed to representatives of correspondence chess clubs affiliated to WCCF; it will be of particular interest to Welsh members of Natcor or BCCA who play tournaments on the ICCF webserver.

WCCF see this as a positive move which can only benefit players, however it will require a slightly different approach by our affiliated clubs from next year.

WCCF will do whatever is required to support our affiliates and their Welsh players during this transition.


Tournament Update: CDCCC

Russell Sherwood  Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Ward-Higgs appears to be coming to a thrilling climax with three teams still in the running and victory expected by the thinnist of margins


CDCCCTournament Update

Resource Folder Updated

Russell Sherwood  Thursday, August 29, 2019

The engine resource folder has been updated.....you know where to look!

Resource Folder

British Ladies Correspondence Chess Championship

Russell Sherwood  Thursday, August 29, 2019

Following changes to ICCF regulations at the recent Congress in Vilnius, Lithuania, the reently completed 2018-2019 edition of this event will be the last.


Alex Sherwood Receives the CCM Award

Austin Lockwood  Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Pictured is CCM Alex Sherwood, receiving his certificate and medal from ICCF President Eric Ruch.  Eric mentioned during the presentation that Alex was probably the youngest ever recipient of an ICCF Award!

Alex SherwoodCCM Title

Welsh Awards

Austin Lockwood  Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Pictured is Welsh national delegate, Russell Sherwood, receiving the International Master and Senior International Master medals and certificates on behalf of Gareth Yeo from the ICCF President, Eric Ruch, at the recent ICCF Congress in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Other medals awarded to Welsh players in Vilnius were:

  • International Master: Austin Lockwood
  • Correspondence Chess Master: Alex Sherwood
  • International Arbiter: Austin Lockwood
  • BvM Silver: Austin Lockwood
Alex SherwoodAustin LockwoodGareth YeoIM TitleSIM Title

ICCF Congress Voting

Austin Lockwood  Thursday, August 15, 2019

Russell Sherwood (Welsh National Delegate and ICCF Marketing Director) and Austin Lockwood (WCCF Secretary and ICCF Services Director) will both be attending the ICCF Congress in Vilnius, Lithuania from 18 to 22 August 2019.

The Congress proposals are listed on the ICCF website, here.

We will update the table below as each proposal is voted on by ICCF national delegates.

  Proposal For Against Result
2019-001 Approve 2018 Congress Minutes 45 2 Passed
2019-002 Approve Financial Reports and 5-year Financial Plan. 42 0 Passed
2019-003 Approve Services Committee Budget for 2020 41 0 Passed
2019-004 Defining When to Apply the at Least 50% ETL Rule 41 4 Passed
2019-005 ICCF Medal and Certificate Awards 45 1 Passed
2019-006 Additional Analysis Submission for the 3-person Panel Review 42 2 Passed
2019-007 Defining "Repeated Misbehaviour" 41 2 Passed
2019-008A Clarifying ICCF Rules by Eliminating the Word "Should" - A 42 1 Passed
2019-008B Clarifying ICCF Rules by Eliminating the Word "Should" - B 42 1 Passed
2019-009 ICCF Retention Policy for Sensitive Personal Information 44 1 Passed
2019-010 [CONFLICT] Eliminate Age and Gender Specific Events 9 35 Defeated
2019-011 ICCF Congress in 2020 47 0 Passed
2019-012 Rules for Multiple Member Federation Participation Events 38 5 Passed
2019-013 ICCF Disciplinary Review Process 41 2 Passed
2019-014 Provisional Rating Procedure 46 0 Passed
2019-015 Clarifying the "Regulations" of the ICCF Appeal Committee 44 0 Passed
2019-016A Limiting When Recorded Game Results can be Overturned - A 39 3 Passed
2019-016b Limiting When Recorded Game Results Can Be Overturned - B 21 20 End of Investigation
2019-017 Applying Appeal Committee Regulations to the Arbitration Committee 44 0 Passed
2019-018 Recommendation to Congress - Hong Kong to be Dismissed from ICCF 45 0 Passed
2019-019 [CONFLICT] Allowing Claims Based on the 7-Piece Endgame Tablebase 43 3 Passed
2019-020 No Charge for National Postal Games 30 15 Passed
2019-021 Clarification of Request for Accepted Withdrawal 19 23 Defeated
2019-022 [CONFLICT] Eliminate Gender Specific Events 28 18 Passed
2019-023 [CONFLICT] Change the 50 Moves Rule to 100 moves and Accept Claims up to 100 Moves 10 34 Defeated
2019-024 Clarifying a Requirement for an Adjudicated Win 36 7 Passed
2019-025 Promotion of School Events 39 5 Passed
2019-026 Precedence of Conflicting Proposals 26 17 Passed
2019-027 Consultation in Team Play 29 14 Passed
2019-028 [CONFLICT] Eliminate the ICCF Ladies Olympiad and Ladies World Championship 18 25 Superceded by 022
2019-029 Congress Expenses for Officials 42 2 Passed
2019-030 Clarifying the Difference Between Invitational and Open Events 42 2 Passed
2019-031 Improve ICCF Congress Minutes 27 13 Passed
2019-032 Reserve Players in WCCC Stages 38 4 Passed
2019-033 2019 Tournament Fee Structure 41 3 Passed
2019-034 Calculation for Fixed Ratings 26 15 Passed
2019-035 Direct Norms for the GM - Title 21 23 Defeated
2019-036 Implement the Silli system in Large ICCF Tournaments 28 8 Passed
2019-037 Merger of Zone 4 into World Zone 19 23 Defeated
2019-038 Adjustment of GM Norm Requirements 19 23 Defeated
2019-039 Add Two Weeks of Discussion Time on Last Minute Proposals 40 4 Passed
2019-040 Eliminate the ICCF Zonal System 14 27 Defeated
2019-041 Players Should be Free to Decide if They Want to Use Linear Conditional Moves 29 15 Passed
2019-042 2/3 Majority Required for Changes to Voting Regulations 37 5 Passed
ICCF Congress

Updated Tuesday, August 20, 2019 by Austin Lockwood

ICCF Executive Board and Auditor Election Results

Austin Lockwood  Monday, August 19, 2019

The following votes were cast in the EB and Auditor election today at Congress.

  • President: Eric Ruch 40 votes (elected)
  • General Secretary: Michael Millstone 40 votes (elected)
  • Finance Director: Jan Vosselman 43 votes (elected)
  • Marketing Director: Russell Sherwood 40 votes (elected)
  • Services Director: Austin Lockwood 44 votes (elected)

World Tournament Director

  • Jason Bokar: 22 votes
  • Frank Geider: 23 votes
  • Everdinand Knol: 1 vote (withdrawn)
  • Olli Ylönen: 1 vote

No candidate attracted more than 50% of the votes cast, therefore a second round of voting will be conducted according to the voting regulations. Everdinand Knol has withdrawn from the election.


  • Ferdinand Burmeister: 12 votes
  • Paul Scott 23 votes (elected)
ElectionsICCF Congress
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