WCCF Constitution

Austin Lockwood  Tuesday, February 24, 2015

1. Name

This organisation shall be called the “Welsh Correspondence Chess Federation” (WCCF)

2. Objectives

The objects of the WCCF are:

  1. to encourage the playing of correspondence chess by Welsh players;
  2. to harmonise the efforts of CC bodies representing Welsh players;
  3. to institute and maintain CC championships and other tournaments as required;
  4. to award national titles in correspondence chess;
  5. to organise participation in international tournaments and matches.

3. Membership

  1. Membership is open to any correspondence chess organisation.
  2. A nominal annual membership fee of £1 is payable by member organisations.
  3. Honorary membership is offered to the Welsh Chess Union (WCU).
  4. Individual membership of the WCCF is through member organisations, there are no individual members of the federation.
  5. Honorary membership may be offered to individuals who have made a substantial contribution to Welsh correspondence chess and who are nominated by the Executive Committee and ratified by the AGM. Honorary membership is simply a title; it does not confer any voting or other special rights on the holder.

4. Governance

  1. The WCCF will be governed by an executive committee, consisting of President, Secretary, International Secretary, Treasurer and WCU representative. The WCCF will hold an annual general meeting for the presentation of officer’s reports, consideration of the financial accounts, and the election of the President, Secretary and Treasurer. The WCU will be invited to nominate their representative. Each member of the executive committee will have one vote.
  2. Each member organisation is entitled to be represented at the AGM and will have the following votes, depending on the number of members they have having been born in, or who are currently resident in, Wales:
    • No Welsh members, cannot vote
    • One to five Welsh members, one vote
    • Six to ten Welsh members, two votes
    • More than ten Welsh members, three votes
    Honorary member organisations will not have a vote at the AGM, other than the vote of the WCU representative as a member of the committee.

5. Finance

  1. The financial control of the federation shall be vested in the executive committee.
  2. Annual subscriptions, fees and other dues and prizes shall be determined from time to time by the executive committee.

This constitution was ratified on 17th August 2012 and updated on 29th January 2015.

Updated Friday, June 17, 2016 by Austin Lockwood

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