States and Regions Correspondence Chess Championship (S&RCCC)

Austin Lockwood  Sunday, July 2, 2017

The States and Regions Correspondence Chess Championship is an annual event organised by the Welsh Correspondence Chess Federation (WCCF) and open to representative teams from any country of the world.  The tournament is started annually in the November of each year (the inaugral tournament will start in January 2018 for technical reasons).

Teams must represent a subdivision of a country; this could be a state, county, province, territory, etc.  Eligibility to play for each team is determined by the team captain, however the WCCF Executive Committee retain the right to reject any individual or team entry.  Multiple teams (for example “A” and “B” teams) may be entered from the same state or region.


Teams will consist of eight players, pairings will be by the Hutton System, each player will have two games against the same opponent with opposite colours.

There will be one or more divisions, each division will consist of up to ten teams.  Allocation to divisions for the first season will be strictly by rating.  The winning team of Division One will be declared the S&RCCC Champion, the winning team and first runner up of the lower divisions will be promoted to the next division, the last and second last placed team in each division will be relegated.

After the first season, new teams will normally enter at the lowest division except by agreement of the WCCF Executive Committee. Teams including fewer than four players from the previous season will be considered as new teams.


All relevant ICCF rules current at the start of the tournament will apply.

Ties will be broken by:

  1. Number of wins; if the tie is not resolved by number of wins then,
  2. Board count: the numbers of the boards won by each team will be added together, and the team with the lower total will win; if the tie is not resolved by board count then,
  3. Elimination; the lowest board shall be eliminated from the match score; this operation will be repeated until the scores are unequal.
  4. If ties cannot be resolved by the above, the teams will be declared equal.

Time Control

The Triple Block time control of 50/75/1 will be used; all games will be completed within 350 days, there will be no adjudications except in the case of withdrawals.


The entry fee for each team is £10 GBP; all entries should be sent to the WCCF Secretary ([email protected]) by 31st October of each year. Payment can be made by PayPal (via the WCCF website or directly to [email protected], please state the name of your team), direct bank transfer, or by cheque.

Certificates will be awarded to members of the winning team of each division, and free entry will be offered to the winning team of the first division for the following season.

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