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Engines in the Endgame

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Winning the Exchange

Russell Sherwood  Sunday, December 26, 2021

Winning a Rook for a minor piece can set one on a path to victory in  chess games. In correspondence games, against the best defensive play, this seems true less often. In 3 recent cc games, despite being the exchange up, I have had to settle for the draw. In the latest of these, as White, I have King on g4, a pawn on g5 and Rook on b3. Black to move has King on g8, Bishop on e7 and pawn on g6. My material and space advantages count for nothing. Black has an accurate, saving resource.

I usually play my engine’s top choice move. In a current game, in which I am the exchange up, I have decided against this. The top line was forcing, but led to exchanging off Queens and a pair of rooks. Playing down this line appeared to lead to a Rook v Bishop ending with minimal winning chances. I played a waiting move, which kept pieces on the board. This has worked out pleasantly for me. The pieces on the board are asserting their power. 

I’ve learnt that if I am the exchange up, hastening to an ending may not be the smartest of plans. In future, too, I might even be less likely to jump at a chance to win the exchange. I’ve just viewed an Alpha-Zero v Stockfish 8 game in which Alpha-Zero passes on an offer of winning an exchange. It had deeper, winning plans.

DP Morgan


Nadolig Llawen

Russell Sherwood  Saturday, December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas to all!

Romanian Invites

Russell Sherwood  Sunday, December 19, 2021

We have received two invitations from our friends in the Romanian Chess Federation.

Any Welsh flagged player interested in taking part, please get in touch.


The Romanian Correspondence Chess Central Commission is proud to announce the organizing of an international tournament in the memory of ICCF GM Gheorghe Rotariu. 
The memorial will take place on the ICCF server, and will consist of 2 groups of 13-15 international players as follows: 
Group A: intended category 8-9, minimum rating 2426 
Group B: intended category 5-7, minimum rating 2351 
Each group will include a maximum of 6-7 Romanian players. All players will be selected based on the ICCF rating list 2022/1. 
The prize fund for sections A and B is 600 Euro and will be covered by Romania Chess Federation. The breakdown for each group is: 

First place: 150 Euro 
Second place: 100 Euro 
Third place: 50 Euro 

All participants will receive a participation diploma. 
Play will be in accordance with the current ICCF Rules. 
Time control: 50 days / 10 moves 
Leave of 45 days per calendar year 
Registration deadline: January 31, 2022 
Start date: February 22, 2022 
Participation is free of charge 
Registration is via your National Federation 
We are also planning to put together 1-2 groups for Romanian players only. 
TD: ICCF IA Valer Eugen Demian (CAN) 
TO: ICCF SIM Miron Sferle 



AI in Chess Engines

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Stuck in the 2200’s

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Fair or unFair

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Tip of the Week #21

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Christmas Crackers

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WCCF Christmas Special

Russell Sherwood  Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Entries are now being taken for a Christmas Special Tournament for Welsh Members only, and it's free entry if you’re a premium member.

Entry for the Christmas Special will be open until 19th December and a start date around 26th December with a Silli format and Time Control of 50 days for 10 moves as the standard time control. 

As a reminder, an example of the Silli format is here


Please contact Andrew if you want to enter, also to upgrade to WCCF Premium Membership it is quick and easy using PayPal; log onto https://welshccf.org.uk/ using your usual ICCF ID and password. From the menu in the right-hand corner of the screen, select "My Membership" - from there you can pay £5.00 for membership using PayPal, and this will be confirmed immediately, Alternatively contact the Treasurer to pay by either Bank Transfer or Cheque.


Note: Regrettably, this event is only open to “Welsh flagged” players or those under other flags resident in Wales (contact for details)

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