Congress Proposal Voting

Lockwood, Austin  Thursday, July 30, 2020

The voting for the ICCF "Virtual Congress" proposals 2020 has now completed and the results shown below.

Online voting was a real success this year, with 85% of possible votes having been cast by national delegates. Some proposals recieved as many as 50 votes out of a possible 56, this is probably a record for an ICCF Congress!

For the first time, all votes were cast by the official delegate for each federation, with no need for any proxy allocations.

ICCF officials will now start the work of implementing the successful proposals, in most cases starting from 1st January 2021.

2020-001Approve Services Committee Budget for 2021470Passed
2020-002Optional Preferential Voting (OPV) for Election of Officials3212Passed (2/3 majority)
2020-003Approve the 2019 Minutes500Passed
2020-004Approve Financial Reports471Passed
2020-005Players' Record Keeping Requirement409Passed
2020-006Players' Requirement to Update Personal Address480Passed
2020-007Counting FIDE GMs417Superceded by 2020-008
2020-008Eliminate Requirement of "5 GM" Opponents for GM Title3711Passed
2020-009Making the Triple Block Time Control System an Official Option417Passed
2020-010Clarifying a Requirement for a Title Tournament416Passed
2020-011Congress Allowances for ICCF Auditor2620Passed
2020-012Limiting the 10-Move Draw Rule398Passed
2020-013Lowering Entry Fees500Passed
2020-0142020 and Onwards - CCE and CCM Medals1927Defeated
2020-016Add a Second Payment Processor to the Server Entry Process463Passed
2020-017Validity of “Half Qualifications” for WCCC417Passed
2020-018Assumed Ratings425Passed
2020-019New Tournament Format426Passed
2020-020Special Provisions for the 70th ICCF Jubilee Events3117Passed
2020-023Clarifying Rules about Resetting Clocks after Extended Period of Down Server481Passed
2020-024Establish “Regional” Tournaments3115Passed
2020-025Norm Tournaments: Switching of an Entry When the Player's Rating Changes490Passed
2020-027Updates to the ICCF Voting Regulations and Electoral Procedures [2/3 VOTE]3510Passed (2/3 majority)
2020-028Electronic Awards2028Defeated
2020-029Allowing FIDE GMs to Play Free in ICCF GMN Events387Passed
2020-030New Title: International Organizer (IO) and its Scales TO Level 1 and TO Level 21827Defeated
2020-031Allowing TCs to Make TC-initiated Substitutions Directly3810Passed
2020-032ICCF Congress 2021-Clydebank Glasgow471Passed
2020-033Title Norms in Chess 9601533Defeated
2020-034Limitations to the Number of Open Tournaments Organised by MFs406Passed
2020-035Final "B" in Different Rounds of the Tournament1830Defeated
2020-036New Tournament: World Team Cup398Passed
2020-037Friendly Matches Viewing Rules1529Defeated


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Updated Thursday, July 30, 2020 by Austin Lockwood

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