Euro Team Cup - Part 1

Sherwood, Russell  Saturday, January 25, 2020

The Euro Team Cup has commenced! This new event is intended to extend on the familiar friendly format and provide something akin to a Davis cup format for CC.

The initial round has generated a number of interesting match-ups:

Russia - France

The Russian Team have an edge (2413 v 2371) average rating with French only matching on the Top 5 Boards.


Prediction: Russia 23 - France 17

Italy - Ukraine

The Italians have the edge here (2434-2371 average rating), again with Ukraine only matching on the Top 5 Boards

Prediction:  Italy 22.5 - Ukraine 17.5

Spain- Poland

Evenly matched in terms of rating (2326 v 2303), however this looks to be a little misleading when individual match ups where Spain appear to have the edge.

Prediction: Spain 22- Poland 18

Netherlands - Romania

The Romanians appear have an edge both in terms of average rating but this becomes much more complex on lower boards.

Prediction : Romania 22 - Netherlands 18


Next time a review of the Germany - Norway - Slovenia match and the Big one, Wales - Sweden!




Updated Saturday, January 25, 2020 by Russell Sherwood

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