British Correspondence Chess Championship 2019-2021

Sherwood, Russell  Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The British Correspondence Chess Championship (BCCC) is the premier tournament on the British CC calendar. Running continuously since 1921 and open to all British players, the BCCC has carried ICCF title norms since 2016.

The BCCC caters for players of all levels and consists of a final, a candidates section and a number of reserves sections.

The BCCC is organised jointly by the English Federation for Correspondence Chess (EFCC), the Welsh Correspondence Chess Federation (WCCF) and the Scottish Correspondence Chess Association (ScoCCA).

Further details of the tournament, including the full rules and a list of previous winners, are available on the EFCC website:

Last season’s crosstables can be viewed here:

  • Championship
  • Candidates
  • Reserves A
  • Reserves B
  • Reserves C
  • Reserves D

There is a first prize of £100 and a second prize of £50.

Entries close on August 31 and play is due to commence in September 2018. Entries may be made via each National Federation or directly at  If a qualification to the Championship or Candidates is held then is should be stated with the entry.

Sent by Gordon Andreson (Scotland) Phill Beckett (England) and Russell Sherwood (Wales)

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