5th British Webserver Team Tournament

Sherwood, Russell  Tuesday, May 7, 2019


5th British WS Tournament - Division 1

8 games remaining and a tight finish with all bar one team still capable of achieving first place.

Stand game appears to be Rhodes- Relyea on Board 3

5th British WS Tournament - Division 2

The division has completed with the BCCA Kings and Civil Service A promoted and Natcor A and White Rose B relegated.

A most interesting game was Gareth Yeo' win against James Mansoon

5th British WS Tournament - Division 3

Lots still to play for with 16 games remaining. Schrach Dragons and Herts and Minds appear to have secured the promotion spots but could still be caught by the BCCA Rooks and BCCA Griffins. Cannon-Scott could well prove a decisive game

5th British WS Tournament - Division 4A

BCCA Tacticians secured easy promotion with a 90% score! Credit goes to Michael Farmer and JDM Tymms on 100% scores!

5th British WS Tournament - Division 4B

BCCA Cavaliers performed almost as well as BCCA Tacitians by scoring 85% with Pablo Mourjan and David Elwood also scoring 100%


Updated Tuesday, May 7, 2019 by Russell Sherwood

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