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Sherwood, Russell  Thursday, December 27, 2018

In preparation for the WCCF AGM I started some preparation, which due to pressures of work I was unable to complete, I will release this in a few articles over coming weeks.

A friend always tells me he has a plan with regard to Norms and ratings. An area I examined was that of where IM Norms are generated. This data was gathered from all of the Titles awarded in the last few years - so is not a full data set but a data set of those who have been successful in there quest to achieve the ICCF-IM Title.

By Category

Row Labels Count of 1 Min  
1 1 2251 CCM-A
2 3 2276
3 7 2301 MN-B
4 11 2326
5 8 2351 MN-A
6 10 2376
7 8 2401 SIM-B
8 18 2426 SIM-A
9 6 2451 GM-B
10 3 2476 GM-A
11 1 2501  
Grand Total 76    

Here I added the approximate rating bands of the new Title Tournaments. What does this tell us? Draw your own conclusions but few Norms are achieved below Cat 3 Tournaments, so these should be avoided if the Norm is your primary objective. The New Master Norm-A event looks to be a happy hunting ground for the IM Norm

When the type of event is examined some interesting results appear

Row Labels Count of Open
Inv 12
CL 11
Zonal Ch 7
Zonal TC 7
Master Norm 5
Open 5
GM Norm 4
Oly P 3
Memorial 3
Inter Z 2
Oly F 2
Inter TC 2
Grand Total 76

The majority of IM Norms do not appear in open entry events! This was a big driver for the new Norm events!

So looking at this the aim, to make your path slightly easier is to get to a rating of 2380+ to be able to enter Master Norm A events (or higher), or ensure you are on your National Federation's radar (and in good standing!) when Team selection time comes around.

Next Time we look at these SIM Norms



Updated Thursday, December 27, 2018 by Russell Sherwood

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