SICALM - December

Sherwood, Russell  Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Following on a rather quiet period in November (related to working pretty much seven days a week!), the last few weeks have thrown up a number of interesting finds. In addition to this, I have been rebuilding my Projects actions list but more on that in another article!


Next Chess Move

A very interesting site which allows access to an online processor or for a price a high spec machine. This in itself is interesting but what is more so is that a copy of LCZero is available to be queried. This combined with a high spec machine throws up some interesting opportunities.


Chess Tricks

A new(ish) piece of Software. The main benefit obtained by utilising this is in finding Trick moves. These are hard to find moves which require a specific response from your opponent.



This is a side project of LCZero to create an Endgame database. This is not as exact as a Tablebase but extends up to a higher number of pieces and can add significantly in this region.


MZ Chess Forum  (

I have mentioned this forum in the past but in my opinion, it is the best online reference point, with great resources available.


Deep Position Analysis

This is an interesting development project which will develop, well read the description.


That’s enough for now! See you again in Jan 2019!

Updated Tuesday, December 18, 2018 by Russell Sherwood

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