Better Thinking, Better Chess: How a Grandmaster Finds his Moves - GM Joel Benjamin

Sherwood, Russell  Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Better Thinking, Better Chess: How a Grandmaster Finds his Moves

GM  Joel Benjamin

New in Chess

224 Pages

The basic premise of this book is that is it not just what you know but how you apply it, which is supported further extolled by the title of "Better Thinking, Better Chess". Improvement in this area is sought by working through a number of example games and positions leading to challenges to the reader to consider the move they would make at key points. 

Through the explanation of typical errors at this point, potential improvement areas are identified and discussed.  The book is laid out in a number of chapters, which whilst including the predictable Openings, Endgames and the like, also includes sections on Swindling, Winning the won game and another interesting fare

So how does this book fare for the CC player? The majority of the content is transferable and in particular, the "Tips for Better Chess Thinking" provide some interesting food for thought when applied slightly differently.

Overall Rating: 83%


Updated Tuesday, December 18, 2018 by Russell Sherwood

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