Sherwood, Russell  Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Recently an interesting conversation took place on the WCCF Facebook Group (incidentally if you want to join and are Welsh registered, get in touch!) about the number of Welsh wins against GM's.

After some preliminary research, this led to some interesting results, one being that there are quite a few Welsh players with good results against GM's, SIM's and IM's.

Creating Welshbase had a number of significant challenges:

1) Most games pre-2000 are not easily available.

2) In many older games, Welsh players are incorrectly identified as British or worse still English! (Some of this due to ignorance of the difference and in other cases due to the periods without a Welsh Federation, where our players were kindly represented by our neighbours)

3) To process the database quickly I have used some quite coarse techniques, so some errors are certain to exist.

4) Chessbase seems to have a dislike of Wales (if you search for Nationality WLS jumps to Saarland!)

5)  ICCF Titles or ratings do not show in the database.

Anyway, the ICCF Title is shown in the Annotator Column.

Currently wins and draws are included, I will add losses sometime before the next rating list and I will then update with each archive update. 




Updated Monday, September 24, 2018 by Russell Sherwood

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