ICCF Congress Report - Day 3

Sherwood, Russell  Wednesday, August 22, 2018

On the final day of the ICCF meetings, the review of proposals continued with Rules, Tournament Directors Committee, Appeals Committees, Arbitration Committee, Zonal Reports, Internal matters, Committee Membership and Future Congress venue


An interesting debate ensued over the next set proposals based on the strength of the event compared with the nature of a closed age based event generating qualification to an open event.

2018-025A Award the Winner of a Veterans World Cup a Place in World Championship Candidates

Rejected 17-20 with 20 abstentions

2018-025B Award the Runner-Up of a Veterans World Cup a Place in World Championship Candidates

Rejected 16-22 with 19 abstentions

2018-025C The 3rd-Placed Player in a Veterans World Cup Final be Awarded a Place in a World Championship Semi-Final

Rejected 17-21 with 19 abstentions

2018-025D Award the SIM Title to the Winner of a Veterans World Cup

Rejected 17-22 with 18 abstentions

2018-032 Rescind Candidates Qualification to Chess 960 World Cup Winner

Passed 29-5 with 23 abstentions, based on the idea 960 is not comparable with classical chess,

2018-031 Update Appendix 2.1 of the ICCF Rules "International Correspondence Chess Title Regulations"

Passed 29-4 with 24 abstentions. This proposal is related to the allowing of Title Norm events in the Finals of certain events where normal criteria are not met,

2018-035 Change to Reflection Time for Postal Chess

Passed 28-5 with 24 abstentions. This debate was about the poor postal service in some countries and its effects on postal play

2018-038 Modify ICCF Rules Document

Passed 34-3 with 20 abstentions. A typo correction.

2018-042 Allow Some Events on the AA-Server to be ICCF Rated

Rejected 8-24 with 25 abstentions.

2018-043 Reduce Rate of Play in ICCF Veterans’ World Cup

Rejected 12-23 with 22 abstentions.

2018-044 ICCF Laws of Correspondence Chess

Passed 38-1 with 19 abstentions.

2018-004 ICCF Membership - Statute Update [2/3 Vote]

Passed 36-3 with 18 abstentions

2018-009 Clarifying Article 3 - Time Control [2/3 Vote]

Passed 37-2 with 18 abstentions

2018-011 ICCF Member Federation and National Delegate Responsibilities [2/3 Vote]

Rejected 7-28 with 22 abstentions

2018-012 Add Esperanto to the List of ICCF Official Languages [2/3 Vote]

Rejected 3-33 with 21 abstentions

2018-013 Eliminate ICCF Statute - Article 18(4) [2/3 Vote]


2018-014 Combine Appeals Committee Change [2/3 Vote]

Passed 36-5 with 16 abstentions

2018-005 Change to the ICCF Voting Regulations and Electoral Procedures

Passed 20-19 with 18 abstentions

2018-007 Clarification to Electoral Procedures

Rejected 18-21 with 18 abstentions

2018-037A ICCF Statutes - Incorporate the Voting Regulations [2/3 Vote]

Passed 30-9 with 18 abstentions

2018-037B Allow a Delegate to Change an Already Recorded Vote

Passed 37-2 with 18 abstentions

2018-037C Improve Delegate Engagement

Passed 34-4 with 19 abstentions

2018-037D Protect the Vote of Federation Delegates

Passed 37-3 with 17 abstentions

2018-039 Flexibilisation for online voting


2018-040 Install a Voting Committee at Each ICCF Congress


2018-046 ICCF Congress in Vilnius, Lithuania

Passed Unanimously!

Updated Wednesday, August 22, 2018 by Russell Sherwood

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