ICCF Congress Report - Day 2

Sherwood, Russell  Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Another interesting day with Services, Qualifications, Ratings, Marketing, Tournament, Rules reports discussed.



2018-041 A Problem with MFNs Player Registration via Direct Entry

Rejected 13-20-with 24 abstentions. An interesting discussion but the prevailing view was that current methods suffice.

2018-015 Approve Services Committee Budget for 2019

Passed 37-2-with 18 abstentions. The general move will be towards player-related features in 2019.

2018-024 Updated ICCF Privacy Notice to Meet GDPR Requirements

Passed 40-0-with 17 abstentions. Legal Update

2018-020 Medals for CCE and CCM titles

Passed 29-7-with 21 abstentions. As in says on the tin

2018-047 Improve Functions for Tournament Organizers (Server)

Passed 40-0-with 17 abstentions. This will allow TO's to check the Norm Category before launching the event

2018-045 Regulate the Start of Open Tournaments

Passed 23-16 with 18 abstentions. Make World Cup and Vets World Cup run in alt. years. Some concerns versed on the financial impact

2018-001 ETL Procedures in Team Events

Passed 39-1 with 17 abstentions. 

2018-002 Restriction on who may be Team Captain

Passed 39-2 with 16 abstentions. This is a rule tidy up so that a Team Captain cannot oversee two teams who will be playing each other.

2018-003 Recording Leave for a Player by the TD

Passed 37-2 with 18 abstentions. 

2018-008A Refinements to 3-Person Panel Review Procedures - Part A

Passed 38-1 with 18 abstentions

2018-008B Refinements to 3-Person Panel Review Procedures - Part B

Passed 32-4 with 19 abstentions

2018-010 Setting a Limit to ETL Frequency by a Player

Passed 33-7 with 17 abstentions This will mean that a player who has more than 9 ETL in 90 rolling days will not be able to enter any new events until 90 days are elapsed

2018-021 Option to Choose all ICCF Rules for National Events

Passed 34-5 with 18 abstentions

2018-022 Replace the ICCF Ladies Olympiad and Ladies World Championship Tournaments with a Ladies World Cup

Rejected 12-24 with 21 abstentions. This was a very contentious discussion which in the end maintains the status Quo. This will probably lead to more developments in Ladies (and probably Veterans events) at the next Congress

2018-023 Standardizing Viewing Rules

Rejected 13-25 with 18 abstentions. Rejected as it was felt this would negatively effect stronger players.

2018-026 Allow Team Mates to see all ongoing games in a team

Passed 38-3 with 16 abstentions. This is what the server currently does!




Updated Tuesday, August 21, 2018 by Russell Sherwood

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