ICCF Congress Report - Day 1

Sherwood, Russell  Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The day started with the Opening Ceremony. A fantastic singing display was provided by Côr Meibion Maelgwn (Maelgwn Male Voice Choir).

Following this, the Medal's Presentation ceremony took place, including the Welsh medals for victory in the 7th North Atlantic Team Tournament.  I have a number of medals and certificates for players who I will contact later this week to arrange the handover.

I also have a large number of photos from this will be uploaded at a later date.

We then moved onto the main business of Congress. 

Disclaimer: Any comments below are made as an individual, not as a WCCF or ICCF official.......

During the afternoon the previous years minutes, Finance Director and Auditors report were robustly discussed, leading to the votes below.


2018-018 Approve 2017 Congress Minutes

Passed 25-4 with 27 abstentions. 

Quite a divided discussed over a few specific points, lasting for an extended period.

2018-019 New ICCF Member Federation

Passed 40-0 with 16 abstentions

Mexico accepted as a new member federation.

Financial Report

Passed 13-2 with 42 abstentions.

Another long discussion about the ongoing planned deficit and the specific methods utilised to generate the accounts (which led to a large number of abstentions as the debate became quite technical!)

2018-029 Rescind ICCF Proposal 2016-011 -- GDP Based Fee Structure for Developing Nations

Rejected 17-22 with 18 abstentions

A long debate on how membership can be promoted in developing nations, with very different opinions on how this should be done, which is shown in the voting.

2018-030 Update Article 33 of the ICCF Statutes [2/3 Vote]

Passed with 37-1 with 19 abstentions

A technical proposal clearing up an issue where the Auditor could audit materials he/she prepared!

2018-027 Global Tenders for ICCF Webserver

6-30-21 Defeated

A long discussion on this event led to a strong consensus that this approach was not correct for ICCF






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