e3 Poison : A 21st Century Opening Repotiore

Sherwood, Russell  Sunday, August 5, 2018

E3 Poison

Axel Smith

Quality Chess

378 Pages


I must admit I am a fan of Axel Smith’s work. There got that out the way!

In many ways this book can be considered a follow up to Smith’s previous book: “Pump up your rating”.  So rather than being an opening treatise around 1.e3 this is rather an examination of a number of openings which transpose into a set up with e3,d4,c4 and Nf3. The book then discusses the plans, common themes and tactics which arise in this kind of position. This knowledge is Smith strongly credits towards his gaining of the GM (OTB) Title.

This in itself make the book highly interesting for the CC playe!. We now have a situation where opening databases and engines have made understanding the Opening and Middlegame positions which arise essential if we want to be able to fashion an advantage. In this regard, if the reader is willing to put in the required work, then the book will deliver!


Overall: If you like to play moves other than 1.e4 then this book can probably add something to your chess!


Scoring: 82% - One for non e4 players!


Updated Sunday, August 5, 2018 by Russell Sherwood

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