Applying Logic in Chess - Erick Kislik

Sherwood, Russell  Sunday, July 8, 2018

Applying Logic in Chess

IM Erik Kislik

Gambit Chess

319 Pages



This book is weighty - in many ways. It will not be for everyone, as its very word heavy and not the contents not being lightweight either! That said for those willing to work through it the contents are excellent covering a very modern interpretation of Chess and how to get better at it

The structure of the book is interesting with 14 main chapters, going from the very beginning (Not trying to teach the reader the fundamentals but considering such things as the piece values in different phases of the game and different positions), through what to train at, how to train, How to evaluate , How to use engines and how to develop Meta Openings.

For the correspondence player, there are many gems within its pages (read the book yourself to find them!

There has been an excellent crop of new books in recent month's but Applying Logic in Chess, raises the bar (again!)

Book Score: 94% - Joist highest score to date (it would have been the highest if more diagrams had been included to break up the text)


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