Chess Structures

Sherwood, Russell  Sunday, June 10, 2018

Chess Structures - A Grandmaster Guide

Mauricio Flores Ríos

Quality Chess

464 Pages

Modern Correspondence Chess has is a game where Strategic thinking and planning take the fore as engines handle tactics rather well!  This book aid the aspiring CC player well in reviewing all the major pawn structures seen in the modern game.

After a short introduction, the book leaps into identifying and reviewing 29 distinct structures. For each one the White and Black plans and piece placement as discussed. This then leads to a number of heavily annotated model games to help the student grasp the strategy in the structure.

The book is rounded off with a number of graded exercises.

The structure of the book is such that the reader can dip into the chapters they want or need rather than having to read the entire book

Overall Score 93% - Well worth adding to your collection!





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