Marc Wakeham (WLS)

Sherwood, Russell  Monday, April 2, 2018

Introduction (Russell Sherwood)

Marc is a prime example of why Welsh CC is in such a good position, always first to volunteer for team events and representing the backbone of players in CC. For his pains he is also Chairman of NATCOR!

1. Briefly Tell us about Yourself?

57 going on 58 year old male Rugby referee, Rugby club treasurer and retired Driving instructor. Married. Wood pusher who is going through a bit of a purple patch in chess. It must end soon.

2.How did you get involved in Chess?

Fischer Vs Spassky captured me way back in the 1970s. The cold war battle of the Titans.

3. When and how did you get interested in Correspondence Chess?

After getting slaughtered in my first tournament (0/4) I decided I needed practice and playing for a club was not possible at the time.

4. What do you like about Correspondence Chess?

You can fit it around your life. You can also make such great friends the world over.

5. What are your Correspondence Chess Career Highlights?

I’ve won a few tournaments and this year I’ve broken the 2000 barrier. That was a proud moment. Even if (when) it starts to go back down, I got there. But more important is the friendship.

6. What do you think an aspiring player should do to improve their game?

Study the middlegame and the endgame. That should tell you what you want from the opening.

7. Do you have an overall strategy when starting a Tournament?

Try not to make stupid moves. If you are going to lose be outplayed rather than blunder.

8. How do you select your moves, what is your general method?

I generally play by feel. I tend to get lost in deep calculations. An area I need to work on If I want to improve more.

9.With so many draws in Correspondence Chess, what do you try to do to generate wins?

I like gambit lines they tend to provide imbalance and thereby chances.

10. What are your future aspirations in Correspondence Chess?

Keep playing at my current level and maybe improve a little bit more.

11. What are your favourite Openings and why?

With Black the Pirc. I tried it many years ago and I like to minimize learning new openings. With White Goring Gambit Reason? It’s fun and I’ve had a fair success rate with it.

12. If you could ask a Legendary player, alive or historical, once question about Chess, what would it be?

Fischer. Why did you blow it?

13. Do you have a Favourite Chess Book or DVD? If so what?

“My System”. I have it in English notation. I don’t understand most of it.

14. Do you have a Favourite player? If so who?

Viktor Korchnoi for his sheer bloody mindedness.

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