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Mayjaz Pirs Site

For those of you who do not know Matjaz is a Correspondence GM and has been the German’s Chess Federation’s Performance Development Director, help numerous players towards achieving individual and team success. His own website has been around for a while but when a significant upgrade at the start of 2018. Lots of little nuggets of information here!

Niko Sarakenidis Site.

I had been aware of Niko for some time – he contributed to the Engine section of GM Aagaard's book “Thinking outside the box”. This is his personal blog and has a lot of interesting content for the CC player. Niko has also been active recently in defending CC against the always provocative, usually ill-informed and misjudged Nigel Short’s rather unpleasant comments about CC  (who, for his sake, I hope never meets a radical, religious, female CC player “down a dark alley”!)

There is some gold for the aspiring player but you need to go back through his posts and use a translator at times!

ICCF World Zone Site

The New ICCF World Zone came into being in January 2018 via the Merger of the NAPZ and South American zones. It has a snazzy new website well worth a look, although some of its claims (The best place in ICCF to practice correspondence chess) are clearly incorrect!


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