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Here we start a new monthly article – Stuff I came across last month!

Like many people these days I spend too much time wandering the internet. However, rather than watching funny cat videos I tend to follow down information paths related to my interests. The purpose of this column will be to share a few of these! If you have any interesting little side places let me know so we can enlighten all!  You will notice I don’t give a full review – my aim is to encourage you to go and have a look yourself!

Decode Chess

This is a new site and very much in beta stage. In a nutshell, you enter a position, its analysed for about 90 seconds and then various insights to the position are given. It’s early days yet as the analysis suffers from a few bugs (reports from a few CC players suggest missed wins) but even in its current condition, it can help a player understand the position better. One warning is that that the analysis is based on Chess engine software (it would have to be unless they had a GM chained up next to a terminal……..) and so its view of some positons (King’s Indian Defence for example) is suspect.  At the moment the site and its analysis need to be taken with a pinch of salt but if they deal with the bugs it could become a new vital tool for the ambitious player.

Tartajubow on Chess II​

This is a treasure trove of interesting articles on a number of subjects – ranging from Chess History to Chess Engines! As an added bonus you can subscribe to the regular email for a morsel of chess goodness.  Do not be put off by the sites rather dated formatting – the content is excellent!

Chess Improver

This is a fascinating site with a number of articles on improvement on a wide range of Chess subjects – written by numerous players of a wide range of strengths. SIM John Rhodes provides an input to British and English Correspondence Chess (Something missing here maybe!)

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