Ian Jones (WLS)

Sherwood, Russell  Saturday, February 10, 2018


Introduction (Russell Sherwood)

Ian is one of the reasons why Correspondence Chess is healthy in Wales, with increasing player numbers, ratings and performance results. Apart from being an up and coming player himself he captains and organises the West Wales CC Team (Counties & Districts Champions 2016-2017), is a regular member of Welsh International Teams and part of the Welsh Correspondence Chess Federations Executive. He performances continue to improve and he has achieved both the Welsh Master Title and the ICCF Correspondence Chess Master Title. Without further ado onto the interview.......


Briefly Tell us about Yourself?

Ian Jones Entertainer from Swansea. Married to Angela, with two grown-up children both. Live Grade 2352

How did you get involved in Chess?

I learned with my Brother when VERY young. Joined the school chess club.

When and how did you get interested in Correspondence Chess?

When I was still very young (1970s) I joined a chess club called The Magnet playing in The West Wales Chess League. It was in this club I was first introduced to correspondence chess. I also joined the BCCA.Correspondence chess was then a cheap way to play lots of tough opponents.

What do you like about Correspondence Chess?

You can try out a lot of chess openings and it’s free. (Sometimes or mostly free anyway ?! )

What are your Correspondence Chess Career Highlights?

I lost a game to Julian Corfield a couple of years ago West Wales Wales got relegated from The Ward-Higgs. He seemed to be a lovely fella and sent me a very nice email after the game. It taught me a lesson, to get up.

What do you think an aspiring player should do to improve their game?

Play and Play and if you lose a game, say thanks for the game, and NEXT.And also try to find out what you did wrong in the game.

Do you have an overall strategy when you start a game or Tournament?

No, I don’t usually look see what my opponent’s openings are, but I do tend to try new openings each year. I use The Ian Eustis methods of Correspondence Chess.

How do you select your moves, what is your general method?

I try to select the move and ask the machine if it’s a good un.If it's not show me why.

With so many draws in Correspondence Chess, What do you try to do to generate wins?

Try to get better at chess. Train with Adam (Davies) and Glyn (Sinnett)

I have been told I am very trying….

What are your future aspirations in Correspondence Chess?

To carry on, carrying on.

What are your favourite Openings and why?

I had a love affair with 1.Nc6 Nimzowitch defence and used to play it all the time, but I don’t think it's standing up to modern correspondence chess. I am also fond of the Gambits.

If you could ask a legendary player, alive or historical, once question about Chess, what would it be?

I would ask Fred Clough how he does it. I have problems keeping up with him.

Do you have a Favourite Chess Book or DVD? If so what?

The Unknown Capablanca is a colossus of a book, and you can pick up a copy for a fiver on Amazon

Do you have a Favourite player? If so who?

I love the way Craig Evans attacks and also Fred as mentioned above, but my Favourite player all-timer is Leighton Williams, utter class and on a different level from anyone else

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