States and Regions Correspondence Chess Championship (S&RCCC)

Austin Lockwood  Friday, August 4, 2017

Entries are invited to the States and Regions Correspondence Chess Championship (S&RCCC); this is an international tournament for teams of eight players from any country of the world, representing subdivisions of that country (counties, states, provinces, etc.).

The tournament will use the Hutton Pairing System, so each player will only have two games against the same opponent.

The Triple Block time control of 50/75/1 will be used; all games will be completed within 350 days, there will be no adjudications except in the case of withdrawals.

The entry fee for each team is £10 GBP; all entries should be sent to the WCCF Secretary ([email protected]) by 30th November 2017. Payment can be made by PayPal (via the WCCF website or directly to [email protected], please state the name of your team), direct bank transfer, or by cheque.

The start date will be 1st January 2018 (please note the updated deadline and start date).

Further details are available here:

Teams already entered are:

  • Australian Kangeroos (other states) Australia
  • Chiriqui (Panama)
  • Lancashire (England)
  • New South Wales (Australia)
  • Panama City (Panama)
  • Panama West (Panama)
  • Queensland (Australia)
  • US East (USA)
  • US West (USA)
  • Victoria (Australia)
  • West Wales (Wales)
  • Yorkshire A (England)
  • Yorkshire B (England)


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