Jumping through Hoops!

Sherwood, Russell  Wednesday, May 10, 2017


From discussion with a few players recently I thought it worth clarifying a few ratings thresholds that a CC player needs to reach to be able to progress…….


Getting a Rating

If you don’t hold a FIDE rating then the first objective is to gain an ICCF provisional rating. To obtain this 12 games need to be completed. It is worth noting that until you reach 30 completed games this rating can (and will) jump around quite a bit (hence it being classed as “unfixed”). Prior to obtaining a provisional rating only 5 types of tournament are open to the player:

  • International Opens – These typically have an average rating of between 2000 and 2100
  • Champions League (Team Event) – Typical team averages in the bottom Division are 2200+
  • National Events – can vary but typically below 2000
  • Promotional Open Class (Both ICCF and Zonal) – Generally below 1900


At this point ICCF Promotional – Higher Class events (1900-2100, average 2000) become available


No new events become available but the player can now be considered (and can lobby!) for inclusion in Title Norm Events for the CCE Title


At this point the ICCF Master Class events become available (Average 2200) and the player can be considered for CCM Title Norm Events


This is a minimum rating applied for WCCF for possible selection/nomination in a number of events


This is a major milestone! At the point the player is now able to:

  • Enter Master Norm Events directly,
  • Be considered for Nomination to the British Correspondence Chess Championship ,
  • Be competitive in terms of selection for Major International Team Events
  • Be considered for lower IM Category Title Tournament Invitations


At this point the player can be consider for some of the medium Category Invitational Events.


At the point the player can be considered for Higher Category Invitations we receive and may enter Major Tournaments either at a later stage (such as the WCCC). In addition Grandmaster Norm events are now available


Hopefully this helps on a regular question!

Updated Wednesday, May 10, 2017 by Russell Sherwood

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