More Miles to the Gallon?

Russell Sherwood  Monday, May 1, 2017



I've had a nagging doubt about how the same engine performs in different Graphic User Interfaces (GUI) for quite some time, decided to do some research.

The method utilised is a small number of positions were tested and the stable nps (nodes per second) per engine/GUI combination recorded. A general average per engine was then calculated and then the performance transformed into an average performance.

Engine/GUI Fritz 15 CB14 AQ2017 Arena Hiarcs
AsmFish 89% 79% 102% 121% 109%
K10.4 96% 81% 99% 118% 105%
H5 104% 79% 91% 123% 102%
Stockfish 103% 99% 100% 104% 94%
Fritz 15 114% 98% 82% 95% 111%

So some tentative thoughts

  • The difference between the best and worst is around 30-40% in most cases. This is a lot of insight into a position that could be missed
  • Fritz15 seems to perform better than Chessbase
  • My Hardware/Software combination could be skewing the results
  • Different Stockfish versions perform differently in different GUI

So my suggestion to even the semi-serious CC player is to run your own tests and consider if you are using the right Engine/GUI combination(s) to support your analysis!


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