Infinite Variety

Sherwood, Russell  Wednesday, April 5, 2017

I've had an interesting discussion recently in terms of Engine based Analysis techniques. Now to the uninitiated there is only one method - plug in the position rather IA for a rather long time and then mindlessly play the move. Pish!

In a fairly short brainstorm we came up with over 20 different methods that can be used ( a partial list is below) - you would need to know more detail to be able to use these but the point is.....think with creativity about how to perform analysis!

        (i)Infinite Analysis
        (ii) Multi PV Analysis
        (iii) Selective Analysis
        (iv) Forward Sliding
        (v) BackSliding
        (vii)Deep Analysis (Fritz)
        (viii) Deep Analysis (CB)
        (x) Monte Carlo
        (xi) Shootout
        (xii)Lets Check
        (xiii) Comparative Analysis
        (xiv) Brabo Methods
        (xv) Paired Deepening
        (xvi) Saved Tables
        (xvii)2nd Opinion
        (xviii) My Move - Your Move
        (xix) Patched Super Deepening
        (xx) Remote Engines
        (xxi) Subtractive Analysis


Updated Wednesday, April 5, 2017 by Russell Sherwood

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