What's in a Norm?

Sherwood, Russell  Monday, March 6, 2017

As the new CCE/CCM titles came into play I did some research into Norm requirements. This culminated in the attached tables.

The purpose of the tables is twofold:

  • As an organiser it aids in the selection of the optimum category for the purpose of Norm generation (e.g. for CC, Cat I is far better than Cat H)
  • As a player it aids in selecting events most likely to give a Norm (The Green zone!)

It is worth adding that Norm Categories are changing. In simple terms the Category of an event used to be determined by the average rating of all the players, so if the average was 2332 it would be a Category 4 event with the same Scoring requirements for all players.

This system is now changing. The Category of the event is still calculated as above but this is only form communication purposes. The category for the player is the average of the rating of the opposition. Overall this does not make much of a difference, but if we take an extreme example:

12 Players rated 2500 and 1 player of 2100 make up an event. The Category of the event would be 9 with an average rating of 2469. However for the 2100 rated player the average rating of his/her opposition would be 2500 or Category 10 - which has Norm reqruirments generally half a point less. For the 2500 rated players the requirements would not change.

I hope this helps in the selection of Tournaments!


Updated Monday, March 6, 2017 by Russell Sherwood

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