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Sherwood, Russell  Monday, February 27, 2017

If you search for advice on how to improve at Correspondence Chess you tend to find resources that are at least 10 yers out of date. Indeed probably the best book " Modern Chess Analysis" was pubished in 2004. 

So as I looked to improve I found you either end up talking to stronger players to gain their "secrets" or using trial and error.  

There is useful info out there but you have to know where to look. below are a list of links to some of the useful stuff I have come accross. A few warnings:

  • Much of the material is from forums - so pages disappear often
  • Some of the material is in Russian and German - Chrome has a decent translator built in which can cope 
  • Ignore the comments sections - there are trolls galore and many cannot get past the "All CC players are cheats cos they use engines" (If the rules allow it we dont!!!)


Leonardo  Ljubcic- Chessbase Interview **
Leonardo Ljubcic - Immortal Q&A ****
Chess Improver *
Immortal Chess - Mostly in Russian - but Auto-tranlate works well enough! ***
Bdf (German Chess Federation)
Murat Akdag *
Loki *
Wolff Morrow *****
Modern CC
Opening Prep **
Tartajubow *
Chess Brabo
Databases **
Openings **
Fortresses *
Engine Analysis **    In Flemish but readable after Google Translate
Rybka Forum *
GM Rafeal Leitao *
Comparison of Stockfish and Komodo
AL Alpert *
Chessbase *
Remote Chess Academy *
How do Modern Chess Engines Work ** **
Carl Bicknell - IDEA *
Chess Book Reviews

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