Performance Stats in WCCF Friendlies

Russell Sherwood  Sunday, June 12, 2022

A while ago, I posed a few questions on performance stats. Below is the full table

There are many interesting ideas that can be drawn from this , which I will cover another day but the one I would draw most players attention to is the Level - this is an related to the number of games played - Can you reach the next level?

Friendly matches are useful for players:

  1. They are part of the selection criteria used for Invitational and Team selection
  2. Generally, opponents will be closely rated, so rating points tend not to be at risk
  3. The win rate in Friendly matches is slightly higher than in other formats, so it can be a way to climb the ratings tree (There are quite a few reasons for this but I tend to think that (a) Players often dont give the games the attention they deserve and (b) More players who are transitioning on the rating ladder take part in Friendly matches.

As special shout out to....

Unbeaten players with Active games

John Claridge

Jon Coles

Paul Scott

Gareth Jones

Michael Bowley

Peter Grayson

Gerald Jenkins 

Tom Gunn


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