Invitations to German Events

Russell Sherwood  Friday, May 20, 2022

We have received an invitation to nominate players to these events. If you are interested, please get in touch ASAP 

Russell Sherwood

In 2022, the BdF will organize several invitational tournaments. They will start on 19 June 2022.
I am pleased to invite players from your federation to the following tournaments.

1 Player - GER Candidate Master 08 A    Expected category VII  2410+
1 Player - GER Candidate Master 08 B    Expected category VI  2376+
1 Player - GER Diamant 12                       Expected category F - G     2100+

You are welcome to enter a larger number of candidates, if other federations do not provide the required number of players, they can take the starting places. Please mark the reserve player.

Tournaments will be conducted under the traditional time control of 10 moves in 50 days, 45 days off, with doubling after 20 consecutive days without a move

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